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First New England thread....


Well-known member
anybody doing any foliage cruises this fall? Ive got hopes to do one next weekend on the conn river. See how cold it gets.

Not sure what else is going on in this forum.. maybe what your fall/winter projects are till the water melts again.

I know Ill be starting off in a few weeks on a floor/stringer maybe transom replacement, with big plans for late winter/spring to put in some speakers with an amp to go direct to the ipod. And of course put in some time early next season doing some wetsanding and aquabuffing.
Hey...no foliage cruises for me. Fall I usually spend messin with the snowmobile gettin ready for the snow to fly and watchin football. :D
My boat projects are gonna be doing the interior, which is beat...and puttin my motor back together. :irked:
I pretty much boat all year round:bigthumb: As long as the ocean doesnt freeze:rof:

I was out there two days ago fishin w/ some friends. Already the ocean is starting to change. Big rolling swells, white caps, northeast wind etc.. It was 60 degrees on land I don't know how cold it was out at sea but I was shivering.
I would like to make it to the conn. river run this month but Im not sure. Kinda playin it by ear for now.
The weather guy out here are talking noreaster already, can you believe it??!!... sometime this week...at least out in Western Mass, not the white stuff, strictly rain....:irked:

Anyways, my winter project is chopping the windows and throwing some tint on em too.....
Im done for the season! I am winterising on Monday and it goes to storage on Saturday. I won't see it until late March.
Wow what weather yesterday and today. Too bad . I winterized last week and put her in storage on Saturday.
Well the name isnt just for the football team, think boston and sam adams fine beers, and new englands history as patriots in the revolutionary war haha :surf:

I can deal with the Sam Adams part of it.

Speaking of that, I saw the S.A.'s "Spring Ale" is out...

You know what that means, soon the S.A's "Summer Brew" will be back and that means boat time!!!!:bounce:
yea been making me get my ass in gear working in the garage... all the water ive seen is clear of ice, but I'm missing a few square feet of core, a transom and a floor. :brickwall:

where in NH are you 84?
Had my first "Summer Brew" this weekend.

Whats up with a New England get-together?

Somewhere in Mass. seems to be the most logical location.
There are a few, I have only been on the river once, between portland and hartford,late october last year. For A little get together formerlly known as the "conneticut river run". I am planning a few more trips this year though.
What model checkmate do you have?