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How to restore hull slight fade


Active member
About mid summer last year(2019) I noticed top deck was starting to fade in spots some. What product and procedure should I use? Also any products to protect from UV which I think is causing the issue.

If the oxidation is not severe (not chalky but just missing the shine) I have had good luck with 3M Finisse. It is used on auto body clear coat paint. I used an electric buffer with random orbital motion to reduce swirl marks. My Stingray really came out good with this product. There are different marine waxes that will slow down the oxidation but may have to be applied twice a year. I purchased a new 2020 Checkmate Pulsare and I am considering applying one of the new ceramic products and they supposedly last 3 - 5 years in your neck of the woods. Look up marine ceramic coatings on the web.
I used the 3M system over the past couple of years. I don’t think there was crustier gel coat then mine at the time of purchase. Took couple of years to realize it thou. The story was it sat inside for the first 7 years with 10 hours on it. The 2nd owner purchased it and kept it on a cement ramp at home on the the Ohio River, where it sat another 8 years putting another 140 hours on the dial. Don’t think it was waxed for those years nore was the bottom ever acid washed.
Used a coarse wool pad on stage one then a finer wool pad for stage 2 with wax hand applied.

I also have had great results with 3M Finesse-It compounds and a cheap Harbor Freight high speed buffer and their foam pads.

-I've done my old 253 that had a slight haze on the deck which looked new afterwards.
-Spent 3 weeks of evenings doing 3 stages on my entire 2000 380 Powerquest that was quite weathered-looks amazing again. If deck was any worse, I'd have wet sanded first. I used heavy cut on the deck only. Medium on rest of boat did the trick.
-Recently did top deck of friends 33ZX Donzi that was quite weathered, he couldn't believe the results after just using heavy cut (I was out of medium at time). I'll hit it again with medium cut and glaze for him in spring to finish making it look like a new boat again as well.

They are some of the best compounds I've used and make some dust, but doesn't leave the surface gritty or need to keep wetting it and wash entire boat like Aquabuff and such.