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No posts here in two years!


New member
Is there anyone left in the Chesapeake area? This page hasn't seen any action in 2 years. Just purchased my first boat, a 2015 2400 BRX and have been spending plenty of time down around Solomons or up and down the Patuxent.
I noticed no action over on Liberty Mates wondering if everyone went over to Facebook instead. I hope not this site is way better.
Facebook? Lots of people posting on there pretty regularly. Where in Queens? I was in Bayside for 3 years.
Hey Kevin!!
I think most people went to FB, sold their mates or got busier at life. Trouble with FB is that it isn't as well structured as here.

I'm just back from a week on Lake George with the 2800. I bought it from Spencer last year.

I also got down to the Checkmate Bash off the Magothy River this June with a few of the East coast gang.
Hope all is well with you - I still have the tshirt I owed you from a few years back. PM me your address and I'll mail them.

- Kris / Knarloid



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Ignore those 3 attachments - when replying from my phone, it added them somehow.
It was a Rugby Camp for my daughter and her friends at Navy in Annapolis, the week after the Checkmate Bash in Pasadena area.