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Outboard - add oil to gas AND use oil injection??


New member
Hi everyone,
I am about to pick up a Checkmate Enchanter equipped with a 1998 200 EFI mercury outboard (2 stroke). It had a rebuilt powerhead put on last year (Only 40 hours). I am relatively new to outboards (always had I/O). I was reading horror stories about the oil injectors clogging and frying the engine. I mentioned this to the seller, and he mentioned that to prevent this he adds 2 cycle oil to the gas at each fill-up in addition to using the oil injectors. Said the only downside is having to replace the fouled up plugs each year. Anyone else doing this? Had any issues from having “too much” oil in the engine??
Do a little light reading on two cycle lubrication. Interesting stuff that is sometimes taken for granted. Lots of variation in fuel and oil though and differing schools of thought. Ponder using some ethanol (infested) gasoline ( already now leaned out by the alcohol in it) and further leaning it out by having a higher content of oil in it. What do you suppose might happen to the piston temperature right adjacent to the exhaust port, particularly at high rpm and high load.