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Sea Isle City (NJ) to Dewey Beach (DE) boyz run


Well-known member
So the north east twin o/b boys arranged a family free fun run from sea Isle City south to Rehobeth Beach and Dewey last weekend.

Plenty of ocean running in all sorts of conditions.
Plenty of beer drinking left us in all sorts of conditions.

Moored at the Rusty Rudder bar for Saturday afternoon and night. Slept on the boats before heading back up the ocean Sunday morning out of Indian River.

First pic was taken by a previous CM owner as we idled behind Sea Isle City to the ocean.
Second pic after we moored at the Rusty Rudder in Dewey Beach.


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A few more.

First is idling through the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal after we crossed the Delaware Bay from Cape May.
Second was lunch at Rusty Rudder.


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Well-known member
And a few more

First is my track details from the 2 days. Speed is my top speed. Still dialing in fresh rebuilt motor.
Saturday we mixed up ocean running, then through the Cape May canal, then across the Delaware Bay, Lewes-Rehoboth canal, run down to Indian River for fuel, and then back to Rusty Rudder for the day/evening.
Sunday we woke, headed south to Indian River for a little more gas, before heading out to the ocean and heading north. Amazing run that ended up with a shift in the winds for the last 20 mins from Wildwood where we were running 30mph+ in 4'-6'+ chop head on. NASTY!
I think a few of us are still swaying on dry land today since we got back to the ramp. We were kind of speechless as we got a bite to eat before heading for our homes.

Second pic is of course the one and only Chuckmate showing us how to launch a 2800.
Third pic is the view from the Rusty Rudder deck.


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