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Starflite Oxidation Removal Project


Active member
So the previous owner of my starflite did a pretty good job (sort of) keeping the interior of my boat in decent shape but not so much the exterior. Last year before I ever put it on the water I spent a day trying to buff the color out and bring back what I could. Everything turned out ok but the blue really needed some more love. I decided to go after it this year. I wet sanded with 800, 1000, 1500, 3m perfect it compound, meguiars number 9 swirl remover, meguiars number 7 show car glaze and finally liquid glass. Here's how it all turned out, not perfect but definitely better than it was.
Looks darn good. I personally would have stuck with all 3m products.. Best out there IMO, have been detailing with them for 12+ years.. great stuff.. Still turned out great.. :thumb:

Thanks guys, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I did not remove any hardware which made the blue stripes by the windshield a challenge. And merc, I agree with the white. My father I law has a black starflite and I was pretty dead set on getting one but I really like the white.
Looks great! I did the same to my 86 playmate.... it was alot of elbow grease on just a 12ft boat, couldnt imagine doi g it on a bigger boat like yours!

What rpm on buffer did you compound, #9, #7, and wax with?
Boat turned out nice and looks great. Have you looked into the cause of the "chalky white" on the mid section of the Merc? Might be a leaking powerhead base gasket or was the inner liner removed from the tower? Just something to think about.
Yep, the result of sitting in the water and of course lake red rock hard water. Mary Kate on and off for outboards and outdrives took care of it after about 10 applications. Next time I will use the toilet bowl cleaner.