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Well-known member
Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience removing bottom paint Looking for the best and safest way to remove it without harming the Gelcoat.Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

I have removed bottom paint a few different ways. It was never on a performance boat- fishing boats and we were just removing layers of old paint down to the gel before applying another layer of paint.

The three different methods that were used were sand blasting, soda blasting and old fashioned sanding. The sand and soda blasting was done by a hired professional. The sanding was done with an electric orbital sander with 220 to get the bulk off and finished with wet sanding with finer grit.

Hope this helps!
Wear a respirator and appropriate protective clothing. You don't want to be ingesting the dust!
I'm in the process of removing it now and the best by far is media blasting it off with either walnut media or corn cob media. I found this out the hard way by starting to remove it by using a finishing sander but was taking way too long plus sanding around the chines is a pain in the @ss to not sand into the gel coat. The media will not hurt the gel coat and to do a 253 Convincor figure about 6 hrs from start to finish. Although it is faster it creates dust just as sanding it does and let me tell you bottom paint dust is nasty. Do not get it in your eyes or inhale it so use the proper PPE.