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Recent content by bdusted440

  1. bdusted440

    Abassador x 2

    already on it. Time for new floors and maybe an ls.;)
  2. bdusted440

    Abassador x 2

    Well bear it's time to restore the mate again. But this time the kid will be helping instead of getting in the way. LOL
  3. bdusted440

    2016 Boat Racing!

    Haha true
  4. bdusted440

    2016 Boat Racing!

    Don't think a boat will take your driving style and not sink bear. lol
  5. bdusted440


    Nice job!!!!!!! What are the rules for class 7 in general?
  6. bdusted440

    Starliner Factory Refurbishment Pics

    I love the Starliners!!!!! Owning one is on my bucket list.:D
  7. bdusted440

    Is there a clearcoat n older Checkmates?

    Well to answer your question on the clear. If it has flake in it clear gel was sprayed first then the flake and color. Reason being the flakes would stick out if they didn't lay flat. Most bass boats are still done this way. You can respray it with clear gel but it is a lot of work but in my op...
  8. bdusted440


    got the paypal to work. I'm in for another year my friend.:thumb: Hmm how many is that now 12 -15years ?
  9. bdusted440

    chris can you ontact me ive got something going with coop that i would like your input.thanks

    chris can you ontact me ive got something going with coop that i would like your input.thanks
  10. bdusted440


    Which persuader models would people like to see built. 218-242 and what power packages.
  11. bdusted440


    it equals a oil change every week.m-f she is pulling tubes and skiers all summer long. the weekends just cruising as all the weekenders and noobs are out.makes the water really rough and crowded.:brickwall:
  12. bdusted440

    Checkmate Production Slammed

    ive been loyal to the brand for 30years.that has nothing to do with it at all.but when the employes are told to remove there personal items from the plant .well it says it all.
  13. bdusted440


    Need bravo complete gimble housing and plate.complete outdrive or enough parts to make one,also 454 or bigger dressed motor.need it all for hull testing.thanks to all for the help.
  14. bdusted440


    Thanks. although i just lost a bet.lol i thought it was 03.I cant believe its been that long already.she still screams but she has some floor and cosmetic issues to deal with as well as some big gouges from a couple of bad storms that rolled in while it was on the lift.and she gets between 2-3...
  15. bdusted440


    Hey chris and all do you remember how many years ago I restored the ambasador on here? Im trying to remember how long its been as im tearing her down to do it all over again.