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Recent content by dream4ta

  1. D

    Newbie to Checkmate

    Welcome to the forum! We like pictures around here.
  2. D

    Even More CL Finds!

    I wish there was a decent search engine for facecrap marketplace like searchtempest for craigslist. I feel like most listings are moving to facecrap but I feel like it is much harder to search outside of you local area.. I am in no place to buy and am actually getting ready to work toward...
  3. D


    Thank you Rob for the link. Still in a little bit of shock over this.
  4. D


    RIP Dave and deepest condolences to Karen and the boys.. Dave was one of the best and will be greatly missed. I also met him threw this forum and ended up spending weekends on Lake Norris and Cumberland with him and Karen. They took me in on the 253 as if I was one of the family!
  5. D

    Forum Upgrades 2021

    Chris, thanks for taking the time and energy to keep this great forum up and running and now upgrading it! I have not been an active poster here for awhile now but I still read just about every post on this forum. I am excited to see if the new setup is more phone friendly and maybe get back to...
  6. D

    Even More CL Finds!

    Scallywag the link goes to no where now so I can not verify which boat you are looking at but if it is the one I think it is it should be about the same as my 83 Enforcer SX outboard. I was running a 250hp Yamaha VMax on mine with 18" of setback. I would not say that my boat is a great rough...
  7. D

    1986 Diplomat

    http://www.talltimbers.com/boats/detail/3324-checkmate-diplomat-18682 Local marina mile up the road from my house. Have not stopped in to see it in person but pics look pretty nice. They do not like dealing with older boats so a deal might be able to be had if anyone is interested. And I am...
  8. D

    88 senator needs block

    Where are you located?
  9. D

    (SOLD)Twin Mercury 2.4 200's full setup

    If only I had a boat capable of holding twins!:thumb:
  10. D

    2000 zt330 twin 625hp

    :welcome:to the forum! Good looking Mate!
  11. D

    Convincor LS Swap Project Thread

    :drool::drool: Me likey motor porn!!
  12. D

    89 Starliner Factory Refirb

    I would vote for original color and micro flake the crap out of the blue!! Flaked blue is just sexy!!!
  13. D

    best prop for enforcer

    My Enforcer is a completely different animal being and outboard but I know it ran best with a Mercury Mirage Plus (I was running a 25" to mid upper 60's with the outboard) and I have heard others with very good results with them on this style boat.
  14. D

    I'm finally a Checkmate owner again! I missed you guys.

    Congrats Rob!! :cheers: She is purdy!!
  15. D

    New to me twin outboard 251 Convincor

    Might take you up on that Jeff! I want to get back out for the bay bash one of these years soon! Depending on when it is this coming year I might even try to make it then! I have the week of June 13th already scheduled off for a get away of some sorts! Maybe I will luck out and be able to start...