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Recent content by Problem Child

  1. Problem Child

    2019 Boyne Thunder video

    We were there also Jeff. Great time and the weather was perfect. I saw the Punisher but did not get a chance to talk with Bill and Monica. They still own it and run it often. Not sure on the speed but know he put some 6's on it couple years ago. One classy machine and great people. I have tons...
  2. Problem Child

    Slow electric hatch opening...

    Mine was dragging bad on the 283. Acculift is close to me so I took it there and had it rebuilt. The owner dropped what he was doing and rebuilt it while I went and had lunch. Although it was in good shape he said the rubber bushing shrinks over time squeezes the ram until this drag occurs...
  3. Problem Child

    Even More CL Finds!

    Oh man I want this thing. Would be perfect for the smaller lake. . :devil:
  4. Problem Child


    The Rally at Lake Cumberland has always been a blast. It all started with a few people making a little plan. It turned into 5 or so houseboats being rented(6 bedrooms on most) ,Checkmate reps available all weekend with some swag, bands playing, the lodge fully booked, 20+ boats running hard and...
  5. Problem Child

    116 mph CM!

    Yes they have been 118 so far. Jason was telling me his pops grabbed the wrong prop thinking they were going to break 120. Procharged 572
  6. Problem Child

    Lightning headers

    Are these still available Brian lolo !
  7. Problem Child

    My new to me Warlock 28sxt.

    Well it is a family cruiser . All stock unmolested low hours 502 mag mpi. Full to helm imco hyd steering. It is a 2000 twin step and notched transom so decent hull to work with. Not the fastest hull but the cockpit is massive and what I was looking for in a cat. Drives great in the 2 ft chop. I...
  8. Problem Child

    My new to me Warlock 28sxt.

    Thanks Jim we love it up here. We run the boat on Houghton lk also but usually Higgins. We stopped by the Thunderrun for 4 days at Lake Cumberland on our way back home after purchasing the Warlock. Loving the smooth ride this boat gives us.
  9. Problem Child

    My new to me Warlock 28sxt.

  10. Problem Child

    My new to me Warlock 28sxt.

    I still cannot figure out how to post pics on here but a short video of the boat I bought last month. Sold the 283 Convincor and gave my son the 72 Jetmate. This is Higgins lake 4th of July just a 15 minute ride from our house since moving permanantely to our cottage.."Up north Michigan "...
  11. Problem Child

    2800SX Outboard/Twin Merc 225's

    I can't believe it either. Crazy good deal wow.
  12. Problem Child

    new michigan member

    Welcome from Houghton /Higgins lk area. Lots of good people and knowledge here. Chris has a great site here !
  13. Problem Child

    Even More CL Finds!

    :surf:Sure wish that playmate was closer.
  14. Problem Child

    Even More CL Finds!

    I have been looking for another boat for a while and see alot more scams going on at CL. Most ads with boats I am interested in do not pan out. Still loving this thread though SCT. Thanks
  15. Problem Child

    Persuader Boats Buys Wahoo Powerboats.

    This is waaay cool Coop. I would like a 15 some day !