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Bimini top mod for Pulse 170 thread

And stowed in the 'upright' position:

Booty shot

Here's a shot from the stern. Plenty of head room when re-entering the boat, and nobody drips on the bimini :bigthumb:


I gotta get rid of that Dewitt Michigan sticker on the back........................
JW I like those rear supports much better than the straps. Now we need a picture of you standing in the boat.:D
So the bimini mod is almost complete. What's left? Remove all the fittings and decide whether to re-attach with 3M 5200 in the screw holes and under the fittings - OR - better yet throw the screws away and replace with a thru-bolt setup.

Also considering replacing the nylon thumb-screw style attachments with stainless quick disconnects I saw listed on Overtons.

Mods for another weekend :D

I wasn't about to get into the boat, my boots were MUDDY!!
Yes, it came with a red sunbrella custom cover EXACTLY like the one I had for my other '92 Pulse. It's on it's last legs though. Have to decide whether to get another $600 custom cover made for it like I did the FourWinns.
The bimini top doesn't look as tall outside in the yard as it did when you took pictures in the garage. I was thinking I really need to cut mine down.
If I weren't so dang tall :brickwall: I would have cut mine down 6-8" for sure. The lower the bimini is, the better it covers the cockpit when the sun is too hot. As it is right now, if I stand up straight my head's pushing up on the sunbrella :lol:
I guess being short (5'-9")isn't a bad thing.:poke: :D I thought about cutting mine down at least 8". I don't mind stooping a little to move around.
Here's another shot at eye level:


As compared to the photo I posted on page 6:


Does that make it look taller or shorter?
I was going to install my bimini top today but it was so windy it was like opening an umbrella in a wind tunnel.:eyecrazy: So I'll try tomorrow and post some pictures. I did install the depth finder I bought from JW, so I got something accomplished today.
Cool! :thumb: How did the install go? Looked like an easy install when I removed it. Can't wait to see pix! Got the check a couple days ago. Wonder if I'll remember to cash it? LOL! :rof:
Jw the install wasn't bad at all. Here's some pictures of the depth finder.


  • 108_0899.JPG
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  • 109_0902.JPG
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  • 109_0905.JPG
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Sure did. Everything works so far. I connected the hot wire to my ignition switch since it doesn't have a on/off button. I'm getting ready to install the bimini top now, will post pictures shortly.
Well guys I got my Bimini Top installed today. Mine looks just like JW's, the only mod I did was cut the main support post down 8". I can still stand underneath it. Here are some pictures. Btw if you look close you can see the pollen falling here already.:D




Looks GREAT! Gonna order the rear supports, or try it like that for a while? With my 8" longer pole :)rof:) my bimini hit the motor when I had it laying backwards so I had to get the rear supports.
Looks GREAT! Gonna order the rear supports, or try it like that for a while? With my 8" longer pole :)rof:) my bimini hit the motor when I had it laying backwards so I had to get the rear supports.

:rof: Sometimes bigger not better. :poke: Actually with the ski pole attached the bimini lays against so i might leave it as is for a while.
JW I think I'm going to add those rear supports because the bimini will be laying against the ski pole. Where did you order those rear supports?