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GiGi and this forum!


Staff member
I've had some questions about GiGi, who she is, how she works etc., so I'll try to answer.

Who or what is GiGi?

GiGi is the forum posting bot.

How does GiGi work?

The simple answer is that we have a RSS feed from our advertising affiliate eBay. The way that the RSS feed works is that we have configured it to look for certain key words like "Checkmate Boat" in new eBay auction listings. When certain key words are found, eBay updates our RSS feed which the board's software picks up, and any listings in the feed automatically get posted on the board in the eBay Checkmate Listings forum, under the alias posting bot character of "GiGi".

Why did you name the bot GiGi?

For fun! :)

Basically the genesis of the name comes from a relative of mine who has always called the knight in Chess the "GiGi". So to make things more fun, we gave our posting bot a little persona of it's own named "GiGi" . And we made her an avatar with a "GiGi" (knight) and a chessboard background.

So GiGi isn't just a human posting eBay listings?

No, GiGi is an automated posting bot run by the forum software and fed by a RSS feed from eBay.

Why did you decide to set up GiGi?

For years, members had posted links to interesting Checkmate related eBay listings as a service to other members. At some point, someone mentioned that it would be nice if somehow we could just have the Checkmate related eBay listings magically appear on the forums instead of everyone scouring eBay and posting them manually. That lead me to investigate options for pulling the auction ads from eBay who was already one of our affiliate advertisers. I discovered that it was possible to use a RSS feed from eBay and have it piped on to the forums via a posting bot.

Is it possible to have other RSS feeds posted on the forums?

Yes it is.

We currently don't have any set up, but it is possible for us to sign up to a number of different websites that provide RSS feeds and then have the information automatically posted by a bot on the forums. As an example, many news sites are popular RSS feeds for outside websites. So if members had an interest in having an additional RSS feed forum, it is quite possible to do.

Is there a RSS feed for this site?

Yes, indeed there is. On Internet Explorer you have to look for the RSS feed icon on your browser's interface, or you can look in your tool bar for the feed information. The feed gets updated on a fairly regular basis with new threads and postings.

GiGi Disclaimers & Legal Stuff

Due to the real time nature of the eBay RSS feed, we are unable to actively monitor the posted auctions. If you find something questionable or offensive in any thread, post, or auction, please use our "report post" button or PM us with the details and we will remove the listing if we deem it necessary.

Please note, all auctions, items, sellers, and links to eBay are the responsibility of independant third parties and are therfore not within the control of Checkmate-Boats.com, C.W. Enterprises or the Administrators of this website. We are therefore not responsible for the accuracy, inaccuracy, legality, condition etc. of the information contained herein.

Therefore, please do your due diligence and use good judgment in your dealings.
Joe you have to start a new thread,
hope this helps,
On the left you'll see a main Menu
Now click,
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Forum tools, in the upper right drop down menu
Post a new thread
I remember when I first signed up back in the day, I didn't understand what GiGi was and I asked some questions about a boat she posted...she wouldn't respond. Story of my life. :shakehead: