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Haulover Inlet Videos......


Well-known member
You guys ever watch the Haulover Inlet (Miami) videos? Very cool boats in some pretty rough water....I can watch them for hours! Any of you south Florida members ever been there? Is it rough all the time or just when the tide is coming in? It amazes me the number of videos w- ladies on the bows and kids in the bow rider area w/o life jackets on in those rough conditions.

At 20:28, there is a Convincer or Enforcer OB that actually handles the water pretty good! It’s the only CM I’ve seen in these videos.

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Well-known member
I grew up in Miami (Coral Gables/Coconut Grove). My boating grounds were mostly Biscayne Bay/Key Biscayne/Elliots Key in the south to Haulover Inlet in the north. I ran a Velocity 230/454 Magnum/Bravo One back then. I can't count how many times I came in (or out) of Haulover Inlet. It has always been a narrow, rough inlet that has to be respected. When you have an easterly wind blowing in and an outgoing tide, there are vertical wall of water that will catch you off guard. Many boaters have stuffed their bow at Haulover!!!!
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Active member
Wow really scary to see the woman fall overboard chasing what looks to be a bikini top. Didn’t look like she had on a life preserver. She would have to be a very strong swimmer in those conditions, and that’s if she wasn’t drinking


Staff member
I watch them A LOT! There’s like 4-5 different people making a YouTube living off filming that inlet LOL


Well-known member
Lol..... my dad is just like the guy in the Superboat at 5:30..... He’d take us out boating on Lake Erie in the crappiest of weather when we were kids (1970s). Nowaday, representatives from children services would be knocking on his door. I sure do miss him, though.