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Let The Search Begin!


Well-known member
Congrats on the sale of the boat, I am having a real hard time not making any coments about your wife picking out your boat.......:shakehead:

After all of the money I have spent on myself, including the Challenger, she should have a say. She just wants to get something big enough that she doesn't feel like she is coming out of it. Would love to find 2 or 3 that fit the bill and then let her choose. Really would like another Enforcer ob in sick condition, but the ones I have found, I can't get a reply from.

act250r, I have contacted the owner of the 28 and it is a possability. Thanks


Well-known member
Was kinda excited until I looked at the transom. Don't really wanna take a chance on replacing another transom.


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I think Sippy's wife had a big hand in picking his new boat out, I'd say she did a great job.

Sippy has a Fantasctic looking boat(and wife), I am sure Boatman isnt going to let us down on his next purchase, he has a history of nice Checks. Keep us posted on the pics.

Rob B

Staff member
Was kinda excited until I looked at the transom. Don't really wanna take a chance on replacing another transom.

How does the rest of the boat look? You could knock off the amount needed to replace the transom from the overall price. From the picture looks like a nice alumium trailer underneath it.


Well-known member
Its priced at $6000 so its pretty fair I think. I don't know if he'd be willing to knock off a couple grand. If the rest of the boat is as clean as it looks it might be worth it if you're willing to tackle the transom yourself.


Well-known member
I talked to the guy, he was only willing to drop $500. I don't think I want to fool with it. It has been painted, the seats don't look bad but not great either. Don't have time or facilities to do a major restore. The last time I bought a boat like this was my Enforcer, ended up with $11,000 in the boat plus a new trailer and ended up getting $6,500 in the end. But it was 10 times the boat when I sold it. Would love to have it back for what I sold it for!


Well-known member
There are only 3 on the ad, here are the other 2. Just found out it is nearly 800 miles away, probably not going to happen. I'll know more after I call.


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Well-known member
Where's it located, maybe someone here can check it out for you. It may be worth the travel if it's the right boat.


Well-known member
Well, it looks like the search is over! Gonna go i/o this time. This will be only the second i/o that I have ever"OWNED" and the first V8(big block). Still waiting on a couple more pic's to check out the cabin area. Right now, 99.9% sure it's a go. Can't wait. More details and pic's as soon as I lock up the deal.:banana: