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Rough running 350

Oh yeah?, but- but- it's running really good again. Dang! Going to have to fix the source of the leak pronto. If the tank is really full, pump some out. Something is maybe going on with the "fuel intake". You can tell because it didn't go back the same way. Is this a threaded connection, the suction line from the tank to the fuel pump? Since everything was good before, just revisit what you looked at and replaced before and hopefully the solution will present itself. Keep a close eye on the fuel level in the tank. You don't want to leak a bunch of fuel into the bilge and lower hull. Fuel will wick itself right out of the tank and find the lower portions of the hull where it will be trapped. Under the right conditions (ignition), this sort of issue will reduce (or increase, depending on how you look at it) the boat to it's smallest sized components, hence the term 'Blown to bits'. Don't be that guy. Also, due to the way the stern settles low in the water, you may get a leak because the fitting may be lower than the fuel level in the tank. Maybe just a loose connection at the tank, back flow valve, or just a clamp. Let us hope for something easy.
Yes it is the screw in type and the runs the hose to the pump. It is on the lift and I am going back Thursday. Hope it is simple, always fiddling with something. I will back check everything and I wished I could get the inlet tube to face the same way as it originally did.
I don't know about your luck, but around here it always seems like there is another small issue that usually crops up while fixing something else. That's how I can usually tell that I'm just about done with the job. Fix the additional little aggravation and you should be good to go. Kind of like when you drop that last little screw into the intake manifold and then proceed to expend your full supply of swear words only to find the screw right there in the bottom when you finally look down in there and pick it up first try with the magnet.
Finally got the boat out today and the fuel leak was fixed and it ran great for about 10 minutes. We almost got home to the dock and all of a sudden it started to cut out and finally we came to a stop. it got worse until we stopped completely. It didn't start right away but after a minute it started and we idled back to the dock. What is going on!!!!!!!:pissed:
I had hopes of the boat being all fixed. Just a thought here but check for water in fuel. Check for crud in filters. Check for leak on suction side of fuel system. Make sure fuel tank vent is unobstructed. While you're in there verify that distributor and connections are all tight. If your rig has a ballast resistor in the coil wiring, make sure it isn't getting really hot. I'm thinking that your rig has HEI ignition so there may be no separate ballast resister.
Your the best thank you for the response. I checked the fuel filter, clean as a whistle, Yes it is HEI, 2 things I did this morning, my battery cables were just on, so I tightened them and my fuel hose from the pickup tube to the fuel filter clamp was not tightened, so I tightened that. I will check the other stuff in 2 hours and find out what happens. It ran perfect for 3/4 of the way to the dock and then poof it cut out. I don't want to have to blow this boat up :eyecrazy: I will let you know how it goes. I'm losing my mind with this boat
Well just took out the boat, :brickwall: It ran great at take off to and it was going and then it was like you put it in neutral. It did not shut off. started to idle home and then it started to sputter and I kept it running for a short time by pumping the throttle. Then It shutoff It would start until we sat for a awhile then it fired right up. went a little ways and did it again got back to the dock and it sits on the lift:mad: Could it be the fuel pump going bad?
Does it sound like it's sputtering for fuel? Just a thought, it almost sounds kinda like a vacuum in the gas tank issue. Sorta like not having the vent open on an Outboard six gallon tank.
There should be a Vent close to your Fuel Cap. Make sure it isn't obstructed or plugged somehow. If you can follow the tubing to the Fuel Tank check for a kinked or pinched line.
I'm guessing that this engine has a holley 4 barrel? Probably a dual feed? If so, there may be filters where the dual feed pipe threads onto the float bowls. Maybe you've already checked them. Maybe its a single feed but there might be a filter at the connection to the front float chamber. Also could be crud in the backflow valve at the tank if you haven't cleaned it yet. There might even be a filter in the fuel pump depending on the type and manufacturer. Typically, there will be some kind of a removable cover. Around here where performance can sometimes be king or even critical, we plumb in a temporary flow sensor at the carb to verify pressure and flow when things are acting sketchy. Takes the guesswork out of the equation real fast. Stole it from Fast Eddy's shop where they put helicopter engines in picklefork looking boats that go really fast. They used to use v-12 aircraft piston engines back in the day. They don't use the gasoline sensors as the turbines flow a lot more fuel and its like kerosene.
Thanks a lot guys. Vent tube is free. Yes Holley 4 barrel. I have not checked the filters going into the carb. I have a holley fuel pump I will check if there is a filter. I'm going to check these tomorrow morning. If it doesn't do anything I'm going to break down and find a different mechanic and hopefully be done with this situation.
Just a thought, would it be a filter obstruction if the boat runs strong for 3 to 5 minutes then acts up. It gets worse after the initial take off. Just a thought
If you haven't already tried it yet I'd try what PA-Checkmate suggested. Try running it with the gas cap loose. As for a filter obstruction in the Carb if there were loose particles they might restrict the flow after you've been running for a few minutes. They don't stick to the element, they just obstruct it enough give you problems. Just a thought.
If you haven't run a fuel line from the pump to a can with a few gallons in it? The tank pickup may have a screen on the pickup tube.
just checked for water in the fuel, no water, going to check the filters in the holley, then I'm going to go out with the fuel cap loose, If it does the same thing it has to be the coil or fuel pump. Am I right
My experience with mechanical fuel pumps is they either work or they don't. They fail to work. I've never had one that was intermittent.
I checked the water fuel filter and put it back on. I was going to give it one last try and I got it off the lift, it fired right up. Then it died. It will not start. I'm done. I don't know what I can do. I am now looking for a non marina mechanic because I just want my boat to run again, so badly.