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Show me your seats!


I have decided to restore the interior of my 69, and I'm looking for designs for the seats. I'm looking for old style so if any of you have any pictures of some nice ones please post for me. I have to get a rear bench fabricated too since they never put one in because it was a race boat. Here is what the boat looks like now.



I think the style of my interior would look good in your boat. This was done by the previous owner. He bought a sewing machine, all the supplies, and got to it. Picture makes it look brighter than it actually is.


Well-known member
I think the style of my interior would look good in your boat. This was done by the previous owner. He bought a sewing machine, all the supplies, and got to it. Picture makes it look brighter than it actually is.
Wow!! I really like the interior on your boat.That looks great.:thumb:


Well-known member
Heres my complete Home made Interior job. I built up the original buckets apx. 12in. with alm. and fiberglass to give a racier look.


My advice would be: use marine vinyl
use commercial foam,not the stuff from the sewing store
use stainless steel staples
use paper to make a pattern
and why not take some panals to your local embroidery
shop for some custom touches. I just paid $10 a panel.

Good Luck !


I've always liked my layout. If I ever had to rip it all out, I'd do it back exactly the same. If you want to sit on it like a bench, each seat holds 2 people, or if you want to lay down, 2 people can at the same time. Plus, If you're in to skiing, this layout works well with a pole like the one on here and you don't have to drill into the top of the deck to mount it. I don't know if the pole is factory, but I've never seen another one on a Checkmate.




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Log on to the JEGS catalog. They have High Back Molded racing seats with matching padded covers. They're only about $130.oo shipped to your door and the seat covers are only about $60.oo. I installed them into my Hydrostream Valero rather than rebuild the old seats. They look great, they're comfy and they will NEVER rot!!
im looking to do a custom fiberglass rear seating arangement.. using bucket seats like that. fiberglass will go around the back of the seats and down the side and down the middle.. the whole thing will be lifted via hatch lift. electronically.. :thumb:


Active member
Ols school seats

Looks like I have some work to do :eyecrazy:
I'm told this set of buckets are nearly 30 yars old and were never used.

Boston Predictor

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Thoes todd seats are pretty nice.

Here are some more pics. Im going to have my Rallysport seats re-upholstered exactally the same as they were.


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    8 25 07 002.jpg
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You guys are great, this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for! Thanks to all of you for sharing!


i just took all of my interior apart and made new wood for everything

took 3 sheets of plywood to cut it all out

the upolstry shop is doing the material and labor for about $1500.00

if i don't count my labor i should be in a new interion for less than $2000.00

it is a bow rider so it takes a little more to do

good luck with yours those look like factory buckets never used to me mine are almost identical

i had to chip out all the old wood to make new wood to fit sorry no pics

i'll get some when its done



New member

thanks for the info jupiter, I ordered my seats and covers from jegs, they look good , and will fit the predictor just fine. thanks again for the info.:cheersDRG