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Jon Kansanniva
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  • Hi dan, I blew up my 175 now have a 200 merc. Currently running a big hub 23 pitch laser 2. Getting about 62 or so at 5800 rpm. Need more bow lift. I also tried an old
    style large hub trophy 4 blade the vent holes on it are huge and there was too
    much slip. I might try a tempest plus or a trophy plus if I come across one
    at a reasonable price. With my 175 and the same laser 2 I was getting about
    58 of so gps at the same rpm so the transducer removal got me about 5 mph.
    What are you seeing for speed? Jon
    Hey Jon, was wondering if you got the Laser prop you were looking at or if you went w/something else. I have a s/s powertech 4 blade on mine right now and LOVE the handling & out of the hole power it offers but I didn't gain any top end over my 3 blade aluminum. I didn't plan on a speed GAIN w/ the 4 blade but I am w/ a new ss 3blade & I'm looking for some reccomendations. Thanks. OH, my 4 blade is a 22 pitch by the way.
    Hey Jon, looking at some posts on props this morning and I came across a couple of yours from last year. Did you ever get that Laser II?? Did you go w/ another prop and how'd your choice work for you??
    Hello Jon,I had recently purchased a 79' Exciter w/o a motor.IMy father and I ended up putting a merc. 175 on it that he had in his garage "unused" for about 13 years.The boat needs cosmetic work but I love the style and ride of it.I'm glad you found that transducer on the pad,taking that off and filling in the screw holes should definately make a noticeable difference in the handling and top speed.I'm going to have alot of trying this and that "props etc." but I like how I can read about other peoples experiences and share mine,SAVING TIME & $$$.Good luck. Dan
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