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73 MX-16 resto/mod, 1 broke high school teacher

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Man I love looking at that MX, she is gorgeous.
Hope this weekend works out well with the replacemnt fuel cap.
If you do get her out this weekend try and get us a couple of in water pics :drool:
Awesome Mark --- looks like you were having lots of fun in the "creamsicle".

The MX looks frikin beautiful and I love the music choice :popcorn:
Damage report

Yesterday I organized and totaled all the receipts I saved over the past 2 years, so ... here goes.

Boat and trailer
$500 for the initial purchase
$1100 for paint
$500 for epoxy and glass supplies
$1000 for parts ( jack plate, rub rail, fuel tank, stereo, etc.)
$450 for SS hardware, nuts and bolts
$600 for upholstery supplies
$550 for windshield

$200 for bore and diamond hone
$400 four new pistons
$150 gaskets and fuel pump

I didn't list a lot of materials and I rounded all the categories. I also spent about $350 in tools.

The bottom line.. I have $7,197.67 and countless hours invested in this boat.
The only things I hired out was the boring and some aluminum welding. I know I would have a hard time finding someone to give me this money if I were to sell it but if I had been looking for an investment I wouldn't have started it in the first place.

Yesterday we took her out for what could be the last voyage of the season. I need to step up the idle a bit (700rpms in neutral), but once I got her in gear she ran beautifully again. The air was cool, with a pretty good chop on the river. I can't tell how fast we were going, but @ 4k rpms we were skipping across the wave and my wife's eyes were bug gin and her knuckles were turning white. After an hour she had to pee so we called it a day. Here are a couple of new pics.


My first mate for the past 34 years.


Nice to have a boat small enough to move with a paddle.

Beautiful boat

Beautiful MX-16 my dear friend. I am really happy for you and your wife. Best wishes always your friend Sammie Action Marine
Actually Mark that cost breakdown doesn't look too far off from what it takes to have a finished product like that MX...... considering what you started with and what you ended up with, that final tally is not bad.

More often than not when a rebuild {car or boat} is done for personal use and satisfaction and not to just flip for profit, the details for perfection and making sure everything is "just right" always adds considerable cost.
As they say, "the Devil is in the details" -- well, so is the money :devil:

Your MX came out absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure worth every cent {and man hour} you put into it.

BTW -- get a couple of zucchini fenders for her :poke:
What would make me buy this boat if I was looking for a used boat!
A print out of this restore project.
We all know that almost every boat has rot damage and even boats only a few years old.
Reading this article proves to me that it is actually better then new, you see the construction process and the hard work involved in building it.
I would be buying used but would know I could drive it hard and not have to worry about the transom falling of or the floor braking under me and it would not weigh a ton from water in the floor.

I would be buying use but feel like I bought new but a lot cheaper.
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