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[/URL][/IMG]Hey folks just got home from 3days down at the lake. Lots of boat traffic Sunday made the lake a bit rough, but overall had an awesome weekend. Didn't see much debris floating in our area (Ramsey Point to Conley). Be here before you know it. Couple pictures to get you through till you get on this sweet lake. See y'all soon.
Ok, here is the dilemma , transom job is very close to being done, floor is in and simply painted, seats can be bolted in pretty quick. I bought a Carlson Contender in Wisconsin with a 115 short shaft Merc on the back, do I bolt the 115 on the back of my MX-14 and pray for the best at the reunion or just show up with my old Sea Ray, like last year?????:confused:
I say you bring old reliable. The last thing you want is to be chasing Gremlins and not be able to enjoy time on the lake.
It's getting close and I can't wait. Just finished the spare bedroom at our house for John Lamon and his family, they will be here in a few days. The off to the Rally later in the week.
I called today and gave Gator II Grill a heads up that a group of us will be heading out of Grider Saturday at about 11 and will be there for lunch. They said no problem!! Between what I have seen here and the event page on Facebook, there is going to be a really good turnout this year!! Needless to say, I'm getting really excited. Should be at least 20-30 boats if everybody shows up that has said they will. See y'all in just over a week!!
Any pictures from you CM 'deplorables' down there in Cumberland?
Hope you guys had good weather and a nice safe time!
We couldn't have asked for better weather!! Had a couple of rumbles of thunder on Friday, but the rain never showed up. We had a really good turn out as well. I counted between 20-25 boats at one point, but there might have been more. I'm sure there will be some pics posted. For now, here is a short video my wife took of a group of us leaving out of Grider for the lunch run.

I'd like to thank everyone for helping to give my family an unforgettable trip, everyone was so nice to our kids, met some more great people that I now call friends, We just rolled into the garage at 3 am this morning, 4096 miles on the trip meter, the kids did great in the truck, I won't be afraid to try this again that's for sure, can't wait for the next one!
Man that is burning up some hiway, glad to hear you had safe travels and a good time. Btw what's your thoughts on the lake?