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Active member
Hi Guys,It seems 2 Sunday's ago coming up the river at around 60,my rpm's all of a sudden shot up,without forward thrust!!! In thinking it was a transmission I cked the oil which was okay,along with not smelling burned,but did find my drive oil a quart or so over!!! After retrieving the boat on the trailer I walked too the rear to find I had no propeller!! I had snapped my propshaft,which in turn took my Bravo1 26 Lab into the drink with it,that was a quick lost $800!!! I used my 4 blade 24 last Sunday after getting a new prop shaft put in the TRS,but didn't like turning the engine up to 5500,so got another Bravo1 26 Lab,which produces lower rpm's with higher top end speeds!!! If the weather forecast holds out we will only have this coming Saturday the 14th to boat so see any of you going out then!!!

Ahhh, That explains why I saw you out in the Howard without your boat on the 4th. Man, you guys went by me like I was standing stiill!! Got out last night for a couple hour weeknight run. It was a great night for a ride and with no traffic on the river I got to teach my GFs 15 yr old daughter how to drive the Convincor. I taught her how to run the bouys and how to trim it out (what little you can without porpoising). She grasped it right away and had a grin from ear to ear from Gildersleeve to Hartford. Gonna shoot for Saturday, HD sorry you can't be there and will be looking for Franz and some of you other locals.


Wow guys,in trying out my new Bronson -Hill 26 pitch prop yesterday in the humid air I got the engine turning 5200 rpm with the speedo bouncing over 75,which is pretty close cause I verified it accuracy with my friends Howard on his GPS speedo as we cruise and it is off in spots but pretty close on the top end,because usually at 75 he pulls away quickly to his 95 mph!!! Yesterday was a fantastic day at the head of Gildersleeve Island,with lots of boats anchored and people cooling off in the water!!! Its suppose to rain later today so I am going to take my grandson too Dart Island so he can use his minature earth moving equipment to modify the beach front lol


CMI Headers

Well I did it and bought myself a set of Split-Top tubular headers,which they used on the old 800 sc Mercury engines!!! I pressure tested them and they held 40 lbs of air(You guys didn't think I would have dished out over 8 thousand for new ones lol)!!! I bought all the stuff needed to install them this spring and they should wake the old slug up some!!! Will be looking to hook up with you guys come the springtime so lets get together on here again!!!:bounce::bounce::bounce:


Well-known member
Great, I can't wait to see them!

I purchased a new deck boat while in hibernation and plan on messing around in the garage with the Checkmate.

Anyone going to the boatshow in Hartford?