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Even More CL Finds!


Well-known member
91 301 Maxxum w- dual 506’ for 30K.

014 2400 BRX w- 300SX for 52K.

86 Enchanter w- 200 Mariner for $5700.

94 186 Pulse w- 150 Evinrude for 12K.

89 Sportfire w- 4.3L for $5500.

87 Sportfire w- 150 Mercury for $6500.

83 Diplomat project for $400.

V161 w- 70 Evinrude for $850.


Well-known member
99 234 Persuader w- 454 for 22.5K.

86 Eluder w- 350 for $6800. Sharp!

87 Sportfire w- 200 Merc for $3900. Clean-

81 Diplomat w- 115 Merc for 5K.


Well-known member
92 Persuader GT w- 454 for 13.5K.

92 Persuader GT project for $3900.

90 Vision w- 350 for 8K.

92 219 Persuader w- 350 for 12.5K.

00 2100 BR Pulsare w- 225 Merc reduced to 21K.

93 202 BR Persuader w- 350 for $9950.

79 Enchanter w- 200 Johnson for $4750.

86 17’ Spectra w- 150 Evinrude for $6100.

87 Playmate GT w- 50 Yamaha for $6500.


Well-known member
90 229 Maxxum w- 200 Merc reduced to 10.5K.

82 Enchanter w- 200 Merc for 6K. Flake!

89 200 BR Spectra w- 200 Johnson for 5K. Good deal?

08 1850 Pulsare w- 175 Evinrude for 34K.

94 186 Pulse w- Merc for 12.5K. Clean-

94 185 BR Pulse w- Merc for 12.5K.

86 Eluder w- 350 for $6800. Sharp-


Well-known member
08 1850 Pulsare w- 175 Evinrude for 34K.
This one is located right by me, I've never seen it on the water, I guess he goes to different lakes than I do? Canadian money.
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Well-known member
Karzru, is ‘Kijiji’ very popular in Canada? I understand it’s just like Craigslis?

I think that 89 Spectra is a good deal on a clean CM if anyone is looking for a cheap run-about. Clean CMs are getting harder and harder to find......

Good luck


Well-known member
Karzru, is ‘Kijiji’ very popular in Canada? I understand it’s just like Craigslis?
You have it right, at least here in Western Canada, Kijiji, Auto trader and Facebook are the three best ways to sell or find what you want. All of the car dealers advertise on Kijiji and Auto trader up here.