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New upgrades you installed for this season


Well-known member
Well the new season has arrived for most of us. I am sure you have all been working hard on your boats in order to be the first on your water. :D

I know in the last thread you all had big plans. Lets see some of the items you purchased and upgrades that took place.

I picked up this lower unit from Jon (addgasgofast)in MI this weekend. Great guy. This is the first upgrade/install this season.
With this and the prop i got from Ross, Im sure I'll turn out some better numbers soon. Thanks guys. :cheers:

Mr. Buss

Well-known member
today just started sanding on the lower unit, smoothing out epoxy around the torque tab i just installed and scuffing up the whole thing for this year's coat of paint.


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    P4130454 (Large).jpg
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Gimme Fuel

Well-known member
I am still working on them but new 540 cu. in. motor, nosecone on the bravo, new 2000-3000 watt stereo (I haven't made up my mind yet) with all infinity speakers.


Active member
I should be able to post some pics by Friday. New powerhead, coned and torq tabbed lower, more setback, and a few new props.

Rob B

Staff member
My upgrades were done in the winter last year for this year; new floor,carpet,bilge pump and stereo. The pictures are in the resto thread.


Well-known member
Solid upper and lower mounts for the Johnson:thumb:. Time to test some of these props I've been staring at all winter:mad:. Looks like it'll be warm enough to get to the lake at the end of the week to get the tune up finished. I also had a full cover made by a local guy. Straps to the trailer.


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Well-known member
lets see here.....
first the new cowl, next the tint, also the 23 tempest plus.....
View attachment 2638

View attachment 2639

View attachment 2640

then, transome saver and a custom bracket due to 12 inches of setback-


almost forgot the new steering wheel!
steering wheel.jpg
and last but not least the buffer/polisher from harbor freight will be here in a couple days to start the aqua buff on the whole boat:bigthumb:


Well-known member




Active member
IllMATTic, I have another prop for you to try

I have a fresh 25" Trophy Plus, from Mark Croxton. I haven't tried it yet, let me know if you want to try it. We can even use the correct thrust washer this time!

I got the new floor in the TriMate, still need to do a lot of finish work. I still need carpet and I am making a bench seat for the back. That is my upgrade this year.
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Active member
well, as of tonight the new carpet is installed and I started putting the interior back in the predictor.
the jack plate is installed and the whole boats been wet sanded and aquabuffed. all that's left is to finish the lower unit (new seals ,water pump and paint) and tweak the prop.


  • jackplate 001.jpg
    jackplate 001.jpg
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    jackplate 002.jpg
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Active member
NDaniels - how do you like that cover? Who / how much / how long?

With my new non-standard windshield, I may be looking at a custom cover. I pass Lima all the time on the way to the inlaws:irked:.

To add my 2 cents: I'm getting a new carpet (possibly rubber with snap in!), totally new interior, new head unit, depthfinder, new speakers, some gel coat work, possibly a CMC high speed 5.5" slider and heck - a brand new windshield just for kicks. I think my 26p trophy1 should be about right with that slider... but we'll see.


Well-known member
Needafunboat, I had Shulte Tarp Service do the cover- (419)532-3599. His name is Jerry Shulte. He is located 1/4mi south of Kalida on s.r.115. I had it made out of sunbrella material, so it was kinda pricey ($625 total with the buckles). It turned out awesome, though. He can do anything you want in any color you want. It only took two days to get it done. Jerry has been doing it for a long time and does good work. Give him a call and he can work up a price, the custom windshield isn't going to be a problem for him.:bigthumb:

No upgrades yet but I do have the Persuader ready to go and the Enchanter is in my shop waiting for the work to begin.
Have alot of things I want to do with each boat but not the cash this year for most of it. Have to find the time to do things myself and not pay someone to do them for me so I'll be on here alot lookin for advice