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The old Checkmate Factory


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I recently passed thru Bucyrus, Ohio and took some pictures of the old Checkmate factory where the vast majority of our boats were built. The factory was active from 1963 to the mid 20-teens when production was moved to NC. Since the move, the complex has been used as a warehouse and even temporarily housed the local offices of the Ohio State Patrol while they built a new building next door.

Pix #1- The front office and parking lot. This was the original building on the property and housed the Great Lakes Marina (the predecessor to Checkmate Boats).

Pix #2- You can still see the outline of the Checkmate sign on the front of the building.

Pix #3- The ’front’ production shop entrance. The door on the right side was shipping and receiving department.


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Pix #4- North of the complex looking south. The building left in the foreground is the ‘Prototype’ department. The large building on the right stored completed boats until delivery. The main ’back’ assembly shop is in the background.

Pix #5- The south side of the factory looking east. The foreground of the pix was the ‘lamination’ area. The mid area w- the 3 vents was the main ‘spray’ booth. The large door in the background was the maintenance shop.


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Pix #6- Close up of storage building.
Pix #7- Prototype building.
Pix #8- North side of main assembly building.


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This building housed the ‘Offshore’ production from the mid 80s to early 2000s. Models from the 229 Maxxum to the 330 Convincer were built in this factory located on the north side of Bucyrus. This complex is now an auto repair shop.


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I even drove by what‘s left of the ‘other’ boat company that was in Bucyrus.


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That's awesome for her and your families. I'd like to have that boat were I'm at now. Mine was a parts donor and scraped. Never growing up lol
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I can deliver it to you. It rarely get used and she doesn’t have time for it anymore. PM if you would be interested.