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What do you pull your checkmate with??


Well-known member
Towed my 219 Persuarder back from Saginaw with my wife's 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. 5.7L Hemi, averaged 18 mpg for the trip with the adaptive cruise control on. Pulled it at 70 mph with zero problems. Really like the Quadralift suspension.



Well-known member
I use my Jeep SRT when towing local to Lake Osborne or to the locks by the St.Lucie River & when take her to the Intercoastal i'll use my Dodge 2500 Diesel.


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    SRT tow 1.jpg
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    SRT tow 2.jpg
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    SRT tow 3.jpg
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Staff member
Added a new vehicle to the fleet to tow the Pulsare with. After agonizing over the large trucks (the type I've had several times in the past), I drove the 2017 small trucks because I just didn't like how bulky the large trucks have become. Even though I am a huge fan of Toyota quality and resale value and tried hard to like the new Tacoma, the new Tacoma seats and seating position are so bad for someone my height that I couldn't stand to drive it. So I've been working the local Chevy and GM dealers on the Colorado/Canyon for the last month and the truck I wanted finally became the price I wanted to pay. Chevy truck month!
It came with nice running boards, but they were in the way and dirtied my pants. First truck mod: running board delete. Wonder if I should keep them stored in the garage or try to craigslist 'em?


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Staff member
7,000 lbs for the V6
7,600 lbs for the I4 Diesel

I've been looking for the 'right deal' on a Colorado/Canyon short bed crewcab with the diesel....

Not sure if the diesel will ever get the big discounts. I had to wait a long time for the gas Colorado to start coming down in price. I got this one $7,000 off sticker, and maybe I could've done even better but I was tired of looking and waiting.
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Well-known member
I missed out on a recently listed, new 2016 Z71, with the diesel that the dealer advertised for $32,xxx. I may wait for the ZR2 to come out in the spring before jumping into making payments again...