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Made you look......:devil:

Anyways, what's a good metal paint stripper? Bought a stripper tonight from Lowes that was absolutely worthless. I could have spit on the parts and removed more paint! Not sure what type of paint Mercury used back in 1970 (enamel?) put it is tough as nails.

So any suggestions for a strong automotive stripper (whose name is not Cinnamon)? Also, considering using a local mobile medium blaster guy I found on CL if he is reasonably priced.

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The aircraft stripper works well when used correctly, but is super nasty so make sure to wear your PPE and be in a well ventilated area. As far as media blasting goes, DONT use any soda blasting. It's a pain in the dick because you have to neutralize the parts properly before refinishing them or your paint will fail quickly. My personal vote would be to blast if the cost is effective. Then again, if you saved a bunch of coin by doing it yourself, there will be plenty leftover for lap dances!
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Auto stripper, airplane stripper, boat stripper, Keith stripper videos, super nasty stripper, lap dances, I was reading so fast and the room seemed to spin on it's axis for a moment there. You guys got me good.
its coming back to me, about 25 yrs ago i did use airplane stripper when I refinished a old in-line 150. I had it apart stripping it in a 400 sq ft apartment
The medium blaster guy texted me back and his minimum price is $250!!! I explained my whole project didn't cost $250. (He must be working his way thru medical school....). Interesting concept though: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Js08mbGtFwY

I might try some MEK from work.

I run one of those for work, all for in house stuff (I paint our industrial equipment/trucks/trailers etc). Anyways, we bought one used for 40k. The bigger, faster ones are upwards of 90k.

Anyways, do you have a media blaster local who isn't mobile? They should be able to take care of it for you.