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Recent content by Double J

  1. D

    Week in Islamorada, Florida Key!!

    Enjoy...I go every year for a week. Went at Christmas time and going again July 28th. Never gets old. I always take a boat (Allison or Checkmate) and stay at a place with a marina.
  2. D

    Florida Keys Boating?

    I'm basically have the same idea as you. My siblings are 19,21 and 23 and they stated they much rather go to the Keys than Disney. I made this mistake by taking them about 5 years to the Key's and now wife and I can't go without them. Heck, this upcoming Christmas trip the oldest daughter wanted...
  3. D

    Florida Keys Boating?

    I say do it. I take my 24' pulsare twice a year to the keys. I just went two or so weeks ago. I like the Islamorade area and particularly the houses in Anglers Reef. The infamous Islamorada sandbar is in viewing site and they have a marina which is available. Don't forget to stop in...
  4. D

    checkmate upgrades

    Thanks and I no longer have to reach to get to the radio since it's closer to me. I figured since I now have GPS speedo in both Garmin's I didn't really need a speedo gauge by itself.
  5. D

    checkmate upgrades

    [/IMG]Did some upgrading on the electronics recently with "decreasing the wife's backseat driving habit" in mind. So I took the radio which was mounted in the dash and mounted a Garmin 7" in that hole (tight squeeze). Now I have his and her navi's. Then I replaced the speedo with a JBL Bluetooth...
  6. D

    Pulsare 2400 Speeds

    I have a closed deck w/300XS. My best has ben 78.2 by myself. I've run right @ 70 with 5 people, full tank and 2 big ice chest, stainless bimini top(down) etc.. Run a 24" Trophy plus(worked) for anything over 2 people and 27 Tempest plus (thinned and worked) for 1 or 2 people and light load...
  7. D

    Evinrude Etec vs. Merc Opti Thread

    jjg-what speeds are you getting with your Verado? I'm guessing it's going to be 8-10 mph slower than the 300xs. So let's pay a additional $5k for a motor, go 8-10 mph slower to get a few decibels quiet? Also, what is average mpg? I bet it isn't any better than the 300xs if even as good. Me...
  8. D

    2800SX Outboard FL Keys rendezvous!!!

    I've been going to the keys for the last five years. I've taken 2 different Allison Grandsport's and the Check 2400 Pulsare LD on these vacations. Got another one planned @ end of December (taking the Check). I always stay in Islamorada and I prefer the Bayside even tho I'm staying on Atlantic...
  9. D

    Mangrove running in the keys

    The area is the Upper Keys. The city is Islamorada. I go their once a year just to do the mangrove running. Never touched the bottom with the prop the whole time down there. The water is real shallow looking but crystal clear. I never stop to see the depth. I get as much a rush from mangrove...
  10. D

    Mangrove running in the keys

    Spent last week in the keys and shot some video (sorry I brought the Allison and not the Checkmate). Hope you like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OtyBPQ7NDk
  11. D

    1995 21 Checkmate Pulsare LD.. 90+ mph boat

    Ok, I'll do the math for you: Checkmate 96mph-300 XS 91 mph-250 Difference: 5 mph and 50 hp Allison 90mph-200 hp 95 mph-225 hp Difference: 5 mph and 25 hp Now can you see that it's doable??
  12. D

    1995 21 Checkmate Pulsare LD.. 90+ mph boat

    Nice #'s. I believed it all along. If 300hp can do almost 97 than why wouldn't 250hp bring 90. Heck my 300 on the 2400 goes almost 80(78.2 to be exact). I'm more familiar with Allison boats. And on the Grandsports the difference between a 200 Merc(90 mph) and a 225 Pro Max is 5 mph(95 mph)...
  13. D

    My view of the 2400 brx

    Yes I did the Simon mods. The flywheel mod I would recommend but the other mods aren't enough bang for the buck in my opinion. And yes it is hot here(try 90 degrees in the day and the water temp is already above 80 degrees).
  14. D

    My view of the 2400 brx

    Hre's my take on somethings. I have ran over 250 hours on my 300XS on my 2400LD and averaged I believe 3.5 to 3.8 mpg. I have never seen 4 mpg 'avg on a tank whether I cruise, idol or run hard. Onset back I run 19" and run in sometimes up to 3' swells in the Gulf (usually not by choice) with no...
  15. D

    2400 BRX - 300XS, what prop ya running

    Ran a 28 Bravo 1 labbed(new) for a while. Ran 76 with 2 on GPS.