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Recent content by ekkick

  1. ekkick

    Trim Tab Fluid

    My Bennett’s use plain old atf and the only time I ever added fluid was when a line popped. Check lines and connections, if no leaks, maybe run up and down on trailer to check rams for leaks. Your tank isn’t cracked is it?
  2. ekkick

    Corona Virus CM Check-In!

    Good to know, figured the way Kentucky is they would be stopping all Ohio plates spotted off the interstates.
  3. ekkick

    Corona Virus CM Check-In!

    Being in the convenient c-store gas business I’m still working. Out everyday traveling to various areas in Ohio. My only concern is my hands are so dry from soap and hand sanitizer, plus we haven’t been to our lake house since mid February. Like everyone else I’m anxious for everything to bust...
  4. ekkick

    I think he has to be a bit careful due to copyrights and all that good stuff. Send me your email...

    I think he has to be a bit careful due to copyrights and all that good stuff. Send me your email or phone number and I’ll send you pics of 2 he did up for me.
  5. ekkick

    Keith4216 Guy on here did mine.

    Keith4216 Guy on here did mine.
  6. ekkick

    Even More CL Finds!

    I’m close to the 251 if someone wants me to check it out. Thanks, Kent.
  7. ekkick

    October 2018's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    No offense to our friends from other countries.
  8. ekkick


    I’ll try to figure how to post up without all garbage attached. These are first pics I posted since Photobucket went blank.
  9. ekkick


    I’ll post what I had.[/url] [/IMG]
  10. ekkick


    Hey, at least you took it of the twins. I wanted to get Nick and Corey when they ROLLED by me but I couldn’t get to my phone that quick. btw sorry for bailing on you all for the raft up, but I really didn’t feel like getting wet. We ran back, loaded the boat, backed it in the garage, and the...
  11. ekkick


    Speaking for myself here. This year I took very few pictures. No excuse, just excepting I sucked in the picture taking. Lol
  12. ekkick

    "Family Guy" Boat Ramp Video.......

    Best one I ever saw was up on Lake Erie. At a state ramp everyone is floating around, waiting in line to load their boat. This jerk, by himself in a bass boat flies in, ties off on the ramp and shuts everyone down. He proceeds to get his truck and trailer, cut in line, backs into the ramp, cuts...
  13. ekkick


    Corey, bare in mind, Jamestown is on Central time. The wife and I have got jammed up waiting for the bar to open at 11 their time. Of course that could have been the wife’s plan so she could spend time and money in their gift shop. lol
  14. ekkick

    '91 Starliner, no power, as new.

    And he said it all out of the corner of his mouth. You have to know Harold to understand.
  15. ekkick

    '1986 251 I/O conversion to twin O/B's

    Just curious where you dock at Lake Erie, good chance you blow right up 13 past my joint on the way there. I’m by Greenwich and head down 71 a few times a month heading to Cumberland. Small world!