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2800SX Outboard Restoration Begins!!!


Well-known member
My 28 arrived July 4th at 5:00 am...so after 4 months and 27 days...some late nights :sleep:and weekends of wrench turning...a few bloody knuckles:yell:...the marrying of numerous odd parts to make two complete motors...waiting on parts and $$$, as of 9:15PM last night...she is mechanically water ready!!!:banana:
All systems are go...both motors fired up, steering bled and pressurized, trim pumps and trim tabs operative, gages functioning, water pressure AOK, etc. The only props I was able to borrow are 15" diameter, 24 pitch 4 blades...they'll at least get me on the water tomorrow!!!!!:thumb:


Well-known member
Today was exciting but not without frustrations..started the day by wet sanding and buffing out the black stripes above the rubrail so I could put my registration numbers on the boat. Then while double checking everything I found out that I could not keep my starboard motor running (the one I bought with the boat). Wound up spending the next three hours pulling all 3 carbs off and cleaning tons of gum out of the carbs!! Cleaned up all my tools, hit the gas station at about 3:30 for another 20 gallons of gas (I put in 60 gallons just in case..) and off to the boat ramp!!! Starboard motor kept on stalling under load...may have blown a read but I found that if I shifted her in gear and nailed the throttle I could keep her running. Made a few 4500 rpm passes with the motors tucked in...then I made a few passes at 6000 rpm with the motors about neutral (don't know how fast because I did not have a GPS but it felt 70ish and I was spinning 15" diameter 24 pitch 4 blades at 6000 rpm:thumb:)...then while spinning around..I hit a sand bar and ran aground:irked: Had to jump in and push myself off the sandbar with a couple of jet skiiers..Made one last blast as it was getting dark and headed back to the boat ramp to meet my wife...then, while idling with one motor to the dock (and a tail wind) I put the boat into reverse and guess what?? NO REVERSE!! Plowed into the dock!!!:brickwall: Fortunately my wife got a foot on the bow and pushed it to the side so I didn't nail it head on:). The boat rode up the dock and settled on the bow eye!! I had to wrestle with the stalling starboard motor to get her off the dock and back onto the trailer...the bottom line is she floats, runs and looks great. Now it's time to chase down the gremlins!


  • Checkmate 2800 maiden voyag 004.jpg
    Checkmate 2800 maiden voyag 004.jpg
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  • Checkmate 2800 maiden voyag 005.jpg
    Checkmate 2800 maiden voyag 005.jpg
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Active member
Sounds like only a little damage to someone's ego. Your are doing great considering all the work, time and money so far. There is light at the end of tunnel. Keep it going.


Well-known member
glad to see her on the water!! as my luck goes I have never taken a boat for the first time with no issues. but then again I have never purchased a new boat.


Well-known member
The boat looks great JP:bigthumb: I'm sure you will get all of the issues worked out in short order. Just remember while you are working out the issues and doing test runs, all of us Northern guys have boats stowed away for the winter:eek:

JT Patroni

Well-known member
JP, your wife's description as you approached the dock
tells it all. Even thought you had some difficulties on the
maiden voyage the rest should be childs play. Congrats
on all your efforts to date. Job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well-known member
OK, I'm back in business!:thumb: Starboard motor is fixed..a couple of breather hoses were bad and timing was way off. She's purring like a tiger now! Reverse on the port motor is also fixed...when I ran aground the lower mounts stretched allowing the shift rod to slip out..I've got solid mounts top and bottom on the starboard motor but never got around to installing the solid mounts on the bottom of the port motor..they're on order and will be installed in the next couple of weeks. Heading back to the water this sunday and monday for more testing!:banana: