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Recent content by F150GT

  1. F150GT

    2013 Keuka Lake NY 'Mate Get-together

    You can count me and Tippin Tom in, I'm pretty flexable.
  2. F150GT

    Checkmate Get-Together, Keuka Lake NY, July 14

    Had a grate day Saturday, was nice to meet some fellow Checkmaters. Hope we didnt cause too much law trouble after tearing up your beautiful lake.
  3. F150GT

    Checkmate Get-Together, Keuka Lake NY, July 14

    Me and anouther Starflight will be there, weather looks nice too.
  4. F150GT

    Keuka Lake

    Still on for July 14th?
  5. F150GT

    Flite/Liner Bow Wall Cutting?

    When I did my Starflight I cut the carpet a couple inches smaller than the intended rectangle then you can wrap the extra carpet around the cut edge for a nice finished look. I made a plywood door and covered it in vinlyl and hinged it on, that was the easy part. The space up there is nice for...
  6. F150GT

    Keuka Lake

    I'd be in for a run to Keuka lake, I havent bean there in years. Any places to stay or camp for the weekend? Andy
  7. F150GT

    When does a fast boat....

    I agree with you Chris. When I started boating and not too awful long ago a 200HP engine was a big deal and a speed boat that ran in the 60's was hauling a$$, other than a few Hydrostream nuts.(and they were blowing over alot) Now a 250HP is average and look at all the boats on here that have...
  8. F150GT

    Anyone ever blueprint a Starflite hull?

    I havnt done A Starflight but I did take the hook out of my Enchanter, about 3/16" in the last 1' and a rocker on the right side 3' forward, Didnt help the speed much, did alow me to use a little less trim. The down side: It caused the boat to porpise more, especially with more people on board...
  9. F150GT


    I dont have any pics yet but it is identicle to this one.www.hydrostream.org/Specific%20Models/Hustler.htm
  10. F150GT


    1987 Hydrostream Hustler for sale, has a 25hp Johnson W/custom low water pick-up lower unit, runs greate. Hull is in mint condition but has some minor fading, nothing that wont rub out. Trailer is functional but is tall & crappy. Comes with cockpit cover & mooring cover. This is my niece's boat...
  11. F150GT

    Set up comparison chart

    My old boat: 84 Enchanter 95 Yamaha Pro-V 200 10" setback W/pwr jackplate 24P "Spinelli" 4 blade 6250rpm 74 MPH 1/4 fuel 1 or 2 people 68/69 with 4 guys Notes: this padded hull does not ride or corner very nice but they are easy to make go fast and will do it in most conditions, the hull airs...
  12. F150GT

    Set up comparison chart

    You should have every day speeds and perfect condition speeds, some boats are very sensitive to water & weather conditions. 1989 Starflight 1995 Yamaha Pro-V 200 16" custom set-back bracket w/integrated pwr jack plate 1/4 tank fuel one person 25P Yamaha prop at 5900rpm 72MPH 24P "Spinelli"...
  13. F150GT

    Baja spanking done right.

    Mudshark What lake do you run on up there? we were on Saranac this weekend, beautiful water.
  14. F150GT

    Tow with cover on or off?

    I tow with it off unless it's raining hard, I think it puts alot of wear & tear on the cover and the corners of the windsheild frame. Like was said, if it starts to come off it can do some real dammage and you cant see it.
  15. F150GT

    Bragging Rites

    I beleive you, mine will run 72. What prop are you running and did your prop shop do some custome work?