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Recent content by markmercnut

  1. M

    Checkmate Powerboats to be Dissolved

    Great to know, thanks for the info, duly book marked.
  2. M

    Looking for Outboard Rebuilder in SE Michigan

    worth the drive to ebay seller Blackbirdmotors in PA, in by 9 out by 5 with a quality rebuild on your motor, 100% positive feedback, quality diamond boring and honing if needed. I believe they even magnuflux check the crank and trueness
  3. M

    2400 Pulsare Seat Issue with Fix

    same issue on 2100 Pulsare only drivers seat, I did put blind studs with marine tex in and that has held for 2 years, but base starting to wobble again. I am assuming you carpeted over the AL plate once secured to the deck?
  4. M

    Checkmate Powerboats to be Dissolved

    I can see the 2100 and 2400 being great coastal boats, especially on the ICW, anxiously awaiting to see if and when new boats are produced.
  5. M

    Checkmate Powerboats to be Dissolved

    Checkmate purchased Have you folks seen the Speed on the Water post, checkmate assets were purchased by Caldwell Marine. Checkmate boat inquiries, Peter Caldwell 252-917-3673, Gotcha covered by Checkmate 419-562-3881 to have upholstery work done, Deal was announced at Miami boat show 2/14/20
  6. M

    3M Perfect It Compound and polishing Kit

    I'll second the 3M kit, pricey but well worth it. I have a 2100 Pulsare Bowrider where the white top gelcoat was yellowed around the tonneau cover where exposed to the sun. Did not need to use the scrubbing/rubbing compound but the other 2 products and pads brought back all the original...
  7. M

    Going too fast???

    Jackplate BTW, meant to add you might find the manual 6" CMC setback plate is just right for that Enticer without the 2" in spacers. When you get into the 2100 Pulsare and 2400 BRX, You really need 10" of setback.
  8. M

    Going too fast???

    forget trim tabs. I agree with the earlier statement trim tabs will counteract the bow lift you need for speed. The BEST single thing you can do for that Enticer is a manual jack plate. 6" minimum setback, 6" inch with 2 " spacers probably ideal. Like WILDMAN states all over in other posts...
  9. M

    Outboard Motor Mounts

    Motor mounts Bob's mounts are the best. You can do SOLID Lowers and leave the upper ones alone. I got lazy and tried that on my stratos 201 ski with a Merc 200. Un-believable how just the lowers stiffened it up enough to lose the chine walk at top end. I've done all four before, but uppers...
  10. M

    Block off kit for merc 2stroke.. Explain

    Oil Injection Pump Your 1986-87 Merc was the last year for the inline "tower or Power" 6 cy model. Those inlines had the infamous external OIL pump which mixed oil into the gas line prior to the carbs/engine. You are just fine totally removing it and the OIL sensor wiring and mixing 50-1 with...
  11. M

    Pulsare 2100BR Max Horsepower Rating

    New Placard That simple, Huh? I have the same issue a late 2000 2100 pulsare, will dig my hull VIN up and give checkmate a call next week. Does the total weight capacity go up also??
  12. M

    Yamadog Pulsare 2100BR goes 88.0 mph

    300 HPDI can't get any better than that picture, wetted surface is like 2" most on the pad, just perfect, looks rock solid also. Did You have to drive through any chine walk to get the 88 mph:banana:
  13. M

    Pulsare 2100BR prop and plate testing

    I like the 10" manual suggestion, If I topped out at 77 I would be estatic. 26" tempest at like 3 inches below the pad? any idea on te height or is it one of those try it an see?
  14. M

    Which prop works best on 2100 pulsare?

    Chine Walk, agree with some other per the chine walk here's was my solution, solid as a rock 1). Bow cover definitely helps 2). Hydraulic steering has like no play, or if dual cable make sure there's no play. 3). 3" below the pad with 10" of setback 4). Massaged 25" Tempest prop (best all...
  15. M

    Pulsare 2100BR prop and plate testing

    2100 Pulsare, 225 Optimax, Just how much setback Mike, Interesting, running 26" Tempest, CMC manual 6" of Setback, Best number is 70.7 at 5600 on GPS. I would like to update to a Bob's machine Power Plate, After reading this, I am thinking 8" setback for sure, possibly 10" Anyone have any...